Enabling wider sharing of knowledge, expertise, and educational innovation related to simulated practice across the healthcare professions

Exec Sub-Committees

At the ASPiH Exec Strategy meeting in January 2017, discussion took place around new projects and teams to help move ASPiH forward in the growing simulation arena.

Annual Conference team – Chair: Colette Laws-Chapman

Team members: Jane Nicklin (Membership, Tech room), Andy Anderson (Exhibitors), Ben Shippey & Carrie Hamilton (Scientific programme)
Role: to organise and deliver the annual conference, other exec members to assist as appropriate

Parallel Conference team – Chair – Bryn Baxendale

Team members: Helen Higham, Carrie Hamilton
Role: Alignment of ASPiH expertise and perspective with potential partner organisations, offers of session chairs and judging etc. support could be delivered by exec members or external partners (RRAs etc) Coordination of resources for exec members or RRAs who may be attending appropriate meetings and wish to promote ASPiH
Marketing management team – Chair: Jane Nicklin

Team members: Andy Anderson, Nick Murch, Susie Howes
Role: website, social media, affiliations and membership management 

Business Development team – Chair: Andy Anderson

Team Members: Margarita Burmester, Jane Nicklin, Susie Howes
Role: Building of ASPiH Academy, work-streams for HEE (standards and accreditation, regional relationships etc), industry relationships and market research

Research and Academic portfolio team – Chair: Peter Jaye

Team members: Ben Shippey
Role: Revisit development of research resources, develop the strategy for support of research by ASPiH members