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Professional registration for simulation technicians and technologists

The Science Council is a membership organisation for professional bodies and learned societies across the disciplines of science.

Science Council

They set the standards for professional registration for practising scientists and science technicians, independent of scientific discipline. Professional bodies within their membership are licensed to award their members who meet these standards. http://sciencecouncil.org/

Registered professional scientists are recognised for their competence, ability and integrity. They are committed to keeping their skills and knowledge up to date through continuing professional development (CPD) and their profession accountable to public interest. Professional registration is a voluntary status that holds people to account for their professional practice and ethical standards.

To fulfil the Science Council Membership Criteria, ASPIH has developed their Code of Professional Conduct specific to simulation technicians and technologists 

Science Council approval


ASPiH was approved as a full member organization of the Science Council on the 13th October 2016.

Read their recent News http://sciencecouncil.org/aspih-joins-the-science-council/

ASPiH is now officially recognized as the professional body for simulation technician and technologists. The Science Council set the standards for professional registration for practicing scientists and science technicians, independent of scientific discipline. Our Science Council membership will support us to raise the professional status of our technician members and through their professional registration provide recognition and further career development opportunities.

During 2017 we will be supporting Science Council registration to our members, the process will also include partnering and co-licensing with an existing, yet to be confirmed, but much larger Licensed Body. 

What does this mean for skills and simulation technicians who are Members of ASPiH?

  1. The Science Council will support simulation technicians by offering them access to the RSciTech (Registered Science Technician) RSci (Registered Scientist) registers and the opportunity to work towards the CSci (Chartered Scientist) award in the future.

  2. The route to registration will be through a ‘co-licensing' arrangement  

  3. The administration and support required by technicians to meet the standards will be provided by the Science Council, this includes several Professional Registration one-day workshops. Dates to be confirmed as soon as possible and will be advertised through ASPiH and the Science Council.

If you are a simulation technician or technologist and are keen to achieve professional registration status, please register your interest asap with Jane Nicklin jane.nicklin@simsupport.me.uk