Enabling wider sharing of knowledge, expertise, and educational innovation related to simulated practice across the healthcare professions

SIG Interactive

Research and evidence base SIG  Chair: To be confirmed


 Simulated Patient Organisers and Trainers Chair: Iain Wilkinson


Student ASPiH (sASPiH) SIGChair: To be confirmed
Paediatric SIGChair: Lydia Lofton
Human factors & ergonomics SIGCo-Chairs: Bryn Baxendale and Al Ross
Technicians and Learning Technologist SIGCo-Chairs: Chris Gay and Jane Nicklin

Trauma and pre hospital SIGCo-Chairs: Owen Hammett and Dan Cody



Critical Care SIGCo-Chair: Colette Laws-Chapman Co - chair: TBC



Directors, managers and administrators SIGChair: Michael Moneypenny