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SG-ASPiH 2016

2nd Annual SimGHOSTS-ASPiH UK - GAPS Simulation in London

More than 85 simulation champions and vendor representatives from around the world came together at the GAPS Simulation Center at St. George’s University in London, UK for the 2nd annual SimGHOSTS-ASPiH event. Gold Sponsor CAE Healthcare introduced the keynote speaker Lance Baily, Founder of SimGHOSTS, who spoke on the past, present and future of healthcare simulation. ASPiH Executive Director Andy Anderson was also in attendance.
 Keynote Address by Lance Baily
Lance Baily is an innovator and thought leader in the world of healthcare simulation. Using his background in digital media production and EMS fire fighting, as well as his work as a Simulation Technology Specialist, Lance founded several of the world’s leading websites, organizations, and events in the field of healthcare simulation. Lance also served as the inaugural Director of the Nevada System of Higher Education’s massive multi-institutional Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas. Desiring to make a global impact, Lance founded what has become the world’s most-read medical simulation resource website: HealthySimulation.com.
Never satisfied with the status quo, Lance went on to create SimGHOSTS.org, a non-profit organization that supports professionals in the healthcare simulation industry through hands-on training events, online resources, and professional development. Because of overwhelming global demand, SimGHOSTS now operates four annual events, including ones in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. SimGHOSTS has also forged successful affiliations with simulation organizations all over the world, including SSH, ASPE, ASPiH, Simulation Australia, HIMSS, INACSL, and IPSS.
In a drive to create excellence, SimGHOSTS has recently partnered with INACSL to develop a new professional competency standard for the position of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist. Lance continues to be a change-maker and innovator in the field of healthcare simulation. All of his projects and efforts are based on a core belief: that emerging technology can create community and empower people to solve bigger problems faster.

See familiar faces in this video....look at what simulation champions have had to say about SimGHOSTS events, resources and support  http://www.simghosts.org/sim/SimGHOSTS_2016.asp


Team 2015


Dr. Amar Patel Opened SimGHOSTS-ASPiH UK in Leeds

Europe's first ever Healthcare Simulation Technology training event was organised by SimGHOSTS and ASPiH.

Dr. Amar Patel, DHSc MS NRP, Director of the Center for Innovative Learning at WakeMed Health Hospitals in North Carolina, opened with the Laerdal Medical sponsored keynote address entitled "Transforming the Technician to the Technology: Our Future is Now". The presentation was recorded by SimStation and will be made available online shortly.

Dr. Patel discussed the impact a technologist can have on simulation ROI and research, outlined steps to transform a technician to a technologist, and shared the future of simulation innovation and the role of the technologist. Kevin Stirling, Program Director for Laerdal, introduced Dr. Patel highlighting his work to address the training gap for simulation champions into their professional roles.

Summary of the opening plenary with Dr. Patel

Our future is now!

SIM Techs are the backbone for any simulation center. We manage the technology, help address gaps in technological knowledge for faculty and staff, and help ensure the goals of the educational program are met. We are creative! We have hunches and ideas that result in innovative projects. So the next step is to grow from the SIM Tech to the SIM Technologist. We study the art and science of technology so how can we get there? With a little bit of education, a detailed understanding of the role of a technologist, and a clear vision about the impact simulation and innovation can have on patient outcomes, we all can get there. Your vision and passion will guide you into the role of the technologist. It will also help programs understand how valuable that role is in meeting the mission, vision, and strategic goals of the SIM Center. After all, without the technologist how impactful could the SIM Center truly be.

This lecture focused on helping the audience explore the importance of building the simulation technologist. Utilizing a question and answer format, the audience was asked to highlight key job description requirements for the role of a SIM Tech and where they believe the first step of a technologist short be. This powerful lecture motivated the audience and helped expand their knowledge of the value of a technologist within a SIM Center.

The whole programme for the event can still be found  HERE